Our Core Values

We are committed to providing high-quality services to the customers we serve them through:

Customer Focus

Our customers are the focus of our business and we have aligned our Strategic Objectives in anticipation of their expectations and we shall strive to meet these expectations with courtesy, willingness, efficiency and professionalism.

Employees’ development.

Our employees are our number one asset. We are committed to their growth, development and shall endeavour to support them with the necessary skills, training and confidence which they need to reach their highest potentials.

Transformational Leadership.

Our leaders endeavour to develop a genuine trust between themselves, staff and stakeholders and will maintain this with continuous commitment with confidence, and courage towards achieving the Authority's vision.

Safety and Security.

The foundation of all of our operations are based on safety, and maintaining a zero tolerance on security breaches. We shall endeavour to provide a conducive environment for our employees and customers which ensure safety against harm and loss.


We are committed in our undertakings by conducting ourselves in the highest ethical manner in all relationships by being trustworthy and honest.

Team work.

We endeavour in the highest degree to cooperate, work and communicate with our employees and partners and or stakeholders for achieving a common goal.