Environment Initiatives

About TAA Environmental Management

We believe that good environmental management is essential for growth and sustainability of our business. Tanzania Airports Authority (TAA) pursues environment initiatives to ensure sustainable growth of the airports and fulfill a social responsibility of maintain the surroundings in which our airports are located.

We are committed to operate and develop our airports in a manner that protects the health and wellbeing of customers, employees and neighboring communities, while minimizing any adverse environmental impact of airports operations. Tanzania Airports Authority Environmental management System and Occupational Health and Safety are aligned with the ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards. Julius Nyerere International Airport, Mwanza Airport, Songwe Airport, Dodoma Airport, Kigoma Airport, Mtwara Airport and Arusha Airport are ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified. 

Environmental Management Focus

We take broad environmental responsibility at all our airports and give priority activities with potential environmental impacts. The focus of our environmental work is to improve local air quality, to improve waste management, noise amelioration, increase our energy use efficiency and reduction of greenhouse gases emissions. To achieve this, TAA developed Environmental Policy that aims to operate and develop airports in environmentally sound manner guided by environmental protection principles.  

Environmental Policy

Tanzania Airports Authority (TAA) highly values the health and wellbeing of its employees, neighboring communities and all other stakeholders that use and visit its airports and believes that everyone has a right to operate in clean, safe and healthy environment. We therefore strive continually to mitigate negative environmental impacts of our airport operations. We are committed on ensuring that all activities and operations in our airports are undertaken in an environmentally sound manner, guided by various environmental protection principles. In order to achieve this, Tanzania Airports Authority shall put the following environmental principles into practice:

  • Making sure that all mainland government owned airports are Developed, Managed and Operated in environmental friendly manner and comply with national environmental legislations, international conventions and protocols
  • Prevent and/or minimize adverse environmental impacts of airports development and operations
  • Develop an environmental management system that meets ISO standards, to ensure that objectives and targets are continually monitored, reported and improved upon to ensure sound environmental performance.
  • Provide environmental training to staff, sensitize and coordinate with tenants and business partners on environmental issues and their responsibilities towards protecting the environment. 
  • Conduct environmental audit for every airport and continually assess environmental and social impacts of all development projects and implement a comprehensive impacts management plan
  • From time to time review and develop new strategies to ensure continuous improvement of performance in environmental management. 
  • Work in consultation with major stakeholders including the surrounding communities to ensure that their views and concerns regarding environmental aspects are considered during planning

Tanzania Airports Authority shall integrate the Environmental Management System (EMS) throughout the Authority’s internal organization and continuously improve its environmental performance.