Mamlaka ya Viwanja vya Ndege Tanzania

"Inaunganisha Tanzania na Dunia"
ISO Imethibitishwa 9001:2005; 14001:2015 & 45001:2018


Elevating Tanzania’s Aviation Industry to New Heights

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As airplanes rise above the busy Tanzanian airstrips, they symbolize the trajectory of the nation’s economic growth, influencing diverse sectors ranging from tourism to mining. Behind the scenes, the Tanzania Airports Authority ensures the smooth operation of the country’s aviation industry. With its mandate to operate, develop, and construct new airports in mainland Tanzania, the institution’s engagement in the aviation industry is multifaceted. It oversees infrastructures within Tanzania’s airports ranging from runways and terminal buildings to cargo facilities and security systems. It ensures the smooth operation of the business aspect of airports as well, which encompasses duty-free shops, coffee shops, restaurants, and bars, while also looking after cargo handling companies. By facilitating the fast- paced movement of passengers and cargo,the institution contributes to the growth of Tanzania’s economy. “Tanzania is a huge country, its surface is over 900,000 km².