Expansion of International Arrival Lounge at JNIA TB II

Expansion of International Arrival Lounge JNIA TB II

  1. Demolition of existing wall including attached fittings 
  2. Colored terrazzo paving in two coats of 40m2
  3. Supply and fix of new mineral fibre acoustic false ceiling (192m2)
  4. Painting (185m2)
  5. Electrical works
  6. Mechanical works (4sets AC)
  7.  Extension of CCTV camera to cover the expanded area 
  8. Acquisition of 3 new network cameras 4MP 
  9. Remove of base and subbase materials/layers (3,408m2)
  10. Prime coat MC30 spraying 1.10lts/m2 (3,749m2)
  11. Asphalt HMA pavement surfacing (3,408m2)
  12. Thermoplastic surface marking  (240m)


  • Price: TZS 132,405,189.94
  • Financier: OwnSource
  • Duration: 3 Months
  • Status: Completed
  • Location: Julius Nyerere International Airport