Kigoma Airport

Kigoma Airport is among of the 59 airports managed, maintained, developed and operated under Tanzania Airports Authority (TAA). Kigoma Airport is in the GROUP II Airports. It operates as a domestic and entry and exit points for international flights. Other airports in this category are Mwanza, Mtwara, Arusha, Songwe and Dodoma. The Kigoma Airport is managed by Airport Manager who is responsible for monitoring and managing other airstrips in Region which are Kasulu, Kibondo and Uvinza. 

Kigoma Airport is located 3NM NE from the Town centre with a total area of 1,989,534m2. The Airport was constructed during the colonial era in 1954 to serve the purpose of transporting government officials to western part of the then Tanganyika country. 

In 1979 major and minor rehabilitations were carried out at different intervals to improve and upgrading the Kigoma Airport to facilitate the aircrafts from the then East African Airways up to DHC 5 aircrafts (TWIN OTTER). 

Accordingly, in 1981 there were major rehabilitations carried out that involved the extension of terminal and administration buildings.

In 2010s the major rehabilitation was done to upgrade the movement area that is runway to the extension up to 1800m and width of 45m along with two taxiways each having 150m in length and 18m in width.

As per ICAO Annex 14, Kigoma Airport is classified as a Code 3C Airport. Infrastructures available at the Airport including runway with the length of 1800m and width of 45m, orientation at 15 and 33, PCN 38/F/B/Y/U),  two taxiways and apron capable of accommodating three (3) midsized aircrafts (Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 and ATR 72). 

Operational Hours

The Airport operates on daily basis Monday to Sunday from 0700 – 1830 hrs.  Other services available at the airport includes;

i. Customs (2hrs Pre-Note) and Immigration (Daily 0700-1830hrs)

ii. Aeronautical Information Services (Daily 0700-1830hrs)

iii. MET Briefing Office (Daily 0700-1830hrs)

iv. Fuelling (Daily 0700-1830hrs) forJET A1 

v. Security (Daily 0700-1830hrs)

vi. Ground handling services – FASTLINK (Daily 0700-1830hrs)

Rescue and Fire Fighting Services (RFFS)

Kigoma Airport’s fire category is five (CAT 5), the station is equipped with all facilities necessary for rescue including communications facilities, fire chemicals and other rescue equipment.