Iringa Airport

Iringa Airport is among of the 59 Airports managed, maintained and operated under Tanzania Airports Authority (TAA). The Airport is in the GROUP III of the Airports. It operates as a domestic. The Airport is managed by Airport Manager who is responsible for monitoring and managing other airstrips in Region which are Mafinga and Mufindi (Mgololo), also Njombe Airport is in Njombe Region.  

Iringa Airport is located 18 kilometers North-East of Iringa town, 4678 feet above mean sea level at geographical coordinates 074006.22S 0354507.71E with reference temperature of 24.7oC. The airport has the total surveyed area of 112.5 hectares with a runway length of 1679 metres and width of 30 metres categorized to code 5 of aerodrome categories as per ICAO standards.

The feasibility study of this airport began in 1950 followed by detailed design.The Government decided to start the project in phases back in 1970 depending on the availability of fund.In 1980 the Government decided to make operationalization of Iringa airport.

In 1982, Iringa airport was officially opened after the completion of the runway, taxiway, apron, terminal building, fire station, control tower building and meteorological observatory station (OBS) building. 

The airport is currently serving one scheduled flight which is Auric Air operates three times per week, carries 13 Passengers.Before, the National carrier Air Tanzania Company Limited operated three (03) flights per week where by all flight served by Bombadier DHC Q400 carrying 70 passengers but since June 2020 stopped due to ongoing  rehabilitation of airport apron .However, the airport is receiving a good number of unscheduled aircraft which are landing at Iringa airport, charter flights (embarking/disemberking passengers).

As per ICAO Annex 14, Iringa Airport is classified as a Code 2C Airport. Infrastructures available at the Airport including runway with the length of 1679m and width of 30m, orientation of 02 and 20, PCN 15/F/B/Y/U), helipad of 23m by 23m, two taxiways and apron capable of accommodating three (3) midsized aircrafts ( ATR 72). 

Rescue and Fire Fighting Services (RFFS)

Iringa Airport’s fire category is five (CAT 5) The RFFS station is well renovated having all important physical facilities, communication facilities and other rescue equipment.