Departure Passenger Guide

Departure Passenger Guide


Please come to the Domestic and International Flight Check-In Counter and check in early.

Present your air ticket and passport or National ID and leave your luggage at the counter except for your carry-on luggage. Please receive your boarding pass and baggage receipt from airline staff. 

Customs Inspection

Passengers who carry with them a large amount of currency out of United Republic of Tanzania may be required to follow customs declaration procedures. Please visit the  website for more details.


At the passport control booth, please present your passport and boarding pass to the Immigration Officer. Please you may take off passport covers in order to maintain smooth inspection. For some countries your passport will need to be valid for at least six months and you may also need a valid Visa. You should always check your destination country's entry requirements before your travel; you are advised to apply for a visa at the relevant embassy before travelling. Please visit the  website for more details.

Security Check

We conduct carry-on luggage / security inspections at the security check point. Please present your boarding pass to the security personnel, and place your carry-on luggage through the X-ray scanner. Passengers themselves go through a metal detection gate for security inspection.

Boarding Gate

Please get on board following the guidance of airline staff.


Passengers can board the aircraft through special buses and access the aircraft with accommodation ladders. This is for the aircrafts parked at remote parking.