Dodoma Airport

Dodoma Airport is among of the 59 airports managed, maintained and operated under Tanzania Airports Authority (TAA), it is located 1NM NNE from the City centre with a total area of 606,530m2.  Dodoma Airport is in the GROUP II Airports, it operates as a domestic and entry and exit point for international flights. Other airports in this category are Mwanza, Mtwara, Arusha, Songwe and Kigoma. The Dodoma Airport is managed by Airport Manager who is responsible for monitoring and managing other airstrips in Region which are Kondoa, Mpwapwa, Kongwa and Mvumi. The Dodoma Airport Manager is also overseeing the proposed site for construction of new Msalato International Airport and monitoring the airport operations in Singida Airstrips which are Singida, Manyoni and Kirondatal.


The Airport was constructed during Second World War by the British Government (Colony) with a grass runway of about 500m.

In the 1970s after Dodoma was officially affirmed as the capital city of Tanzania, major and minor rehabilitations were carried out at different intervals to improve, to extend runway structure and installation of Airfield Ground Lighting System (AGL). Those improvements performed upgraded the Dodoma Airport to Code 3C. 

Accordingly, in 2016 there were major rehabilitations carried out that involved the extension and upgrading runway length from 2000m to 2500m, repair of existing Apron, Taxiways and installation of solar powered AGL.

As per ICAO Annex 14, Dodoma Airport is classified as a Code 3C Airport. Infrastructures available at the Airport including runway with the length of 2500m and width of 30m, orientation of 09 and 27, PCN 30/F/B/Y/U), helipad of 15m by 15m, two taxiways and apron capable of accommodating three (3) midsized aircrafts (Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 and ATR 72). 

The upgrading and extension of Runway has emerging to the rise of passengers which in turn the existed facilities Terminal building was not enough, it will be remembered that the previous Departure lounge was designed to handle only 35 passengers at once. TAA engaged the National Housing Corporation (NHC) for rehabilitation of the terminal building. NHC project consisted of the following;- 

i. Rehabilitation and extension of departure lounge and arrival lounge;

ii. Supply and installation of public address system;

iii. Installation of  CCTV cameras;

iv. Supply and installation of ICT facilities;

v. Supply and installation of fire detection system;

vi. Supply and installation of  Flight Information Display System (FIDS);

vii. Improvement of plumbing and electrical systems;

viii. Supply and Installations of Air-condition;

ix. Supply and Installations of Fire Alarm System;

x. Rehabilitation of fire station; and

xi. Supply of departure lounge furniture. 

These improvements enabled departure lounge to handle 148 passengers departing at once from the previous 35 passengers. 

Extension to Bitumen Standard of Apron, Runway and Taxiway

 An increase in traffic movement at Dodoma Airport necessitates the introduction of larger Aircraft of Code 4C (Airbus 220-300 owned by Air Tanzania Corporation Limited- ATCL) while waiting for the transition phase of construction of Msalato International Airport. The Government of Tanzania (GoT) has decided to improve existing facilities which can accommodate aircraft Code 4C. The GoT through TANROADS and TAA are executing a contract with the following scope:-

i. Extension of runway by 250m x30m, such that the overall runway length will be 2750m; 

ii. Construction of a new turn Pad for aircraft Code 4C at threshold of RWY 27 and expansion of the existing turn pad at RWY 09 to accommodate Code 4C Aircraft;

iii. Relocation of weather enclosure;

iv. Extension New Apron by 80m X 70m with taxiway connected to it which can accommodate Aircraft of Code 4C;

v. Extension of runway edge lights, installation of taxiway and apron lights for the new apron and taxiway;

vi. Relocation of APAPI and threshold/end lights; 

vii. Installation of apron flood lights for the new apron; and

viii. Extension of security fence.


The Airport operates on daily basis Monday to Sunday from 0700 – 1830 hrs.  Night operations are conducted only on emergency calls.

i. Customs (2hrs Pre-Note) and Immigration (Daily 0700-1830hrs)

ii. Aeronautical Information Services (Daily 0700-1830hrs)

iii. MET Briefing Office (Daily 0700-1830hrs)

iv. Fuelling (Daily 0700-1830hrs), Avgas and JET A1 

v. Security (Daily 0700-1830hrs)

vi. Ground handling services – NAS (Daily 0700-1830hrs)

vii. Repair facilities and Hangar (Available on Request)


Dodoma Airport’s fire category is five (CAT 5). The RFFS station has all important facilities, communications facilities, fire chemicals and other rescue equipment. The current fire level meets the requirements of CAT 5 and can meet the requirement of CAT 6 only if the number of aircrafts in category 4C normally using aerodrome is less than 700 movements in the busiest consecutive three months.