Arrival Passenger Guide

Arrival Passenger Guide


Passengers leave the aircraft with an accommodation ladder into special buses and transported to access arrival lounge. (for aircrafts parked at remote parking). 

Public health checks

Please inform the Public health-check Counter if you suffer any symptoms of COVID-19, fever, diarrhea etc. Please visit the  website for more details.

Passport control

Please proceed to immigration booth indicated “Residents or Non Residents and Diplomats” etc and present your passport. Please ensure that you have a valid travel documents.  Please visit the  website for more details.

Baggage Claim

If you have checked in your luggage, go to the baggage claim area and check your baggage claim receipts to retrieve your baggage. If you have any concern about your baggage such as lost baggage, any damage please visit nearby baggage claim counter for further clarification and assistance.