Arusha Airport

Arusha airport is among of the 59 airports managed, maintained and operated under Tanzania airports Authority (TAA), the airport is in Group II category. The airport operates as domestic only and it is located western side of Arusha city, approximately 7km (4NM) from Arusha City Centre. Airport is at 4567 feet above mean sea level having an average temperature of 23ᵒC,


Arusha airport was built in the year 1956 by Colonel Grey who was a big farmer cultivating coffee and sorghum in the area of Burka and Mateves, After Tanganyika independence in the year of 1961 the airport was officially handled to the government.

The airport was run under East African airways, after the break down of East African community 1977 the airport was handed over to Agricultural department called KILIMO HANGER to run the airport. The inception of Tanzania airports Authority in the year 1999 as an executive agency mandated to operate and run all government airports and airstrips within Tanzania mainland. 

 The airport is managed by the airport manager who is also responsible for monitoring and managing the Loliondo airstrip.

As per ICAO standards, annex 14, Aerodrome design manual, Arusha airport is classified as a code 3C airport

Current the airport has a runway of 1860 meter length and 30 meter wide with its orientation of 09 and 27, PCN 15/F/B/Y/T after complited of extension of runway project which make a total of 1860 meter long and its turning pads both ends 

Arusha airport has five taxiways; Taxiway A, B, C, D and P (parallel taxiway)  which has 500m length and 7.5 width joining the remote apron, runway 09 and taxiway “ A”,   

Arusha airport has two (2) aprons;

(i) Main Apron area has an area of 15,000m² with capacity to park 3 ATR 72 or Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 at once or 15 caravans (C208) at once

(ii) remote apron facility  8,925m2 has a capacity to park aircraft with less than 12 tonnes and its capacity is fifteen(15) C208 Aircraft.

Arusha airport has departure facility which has capacity to handle 219 passengers at a time.


Arusha airport operates twelve (12) hours or from sun set to sun rise, there is no night operation at Arusha Airport.


The category of fire is Category five (5), the station is equipped with all facilities necessary for rescue including communications facilities, fire chemicals and other rescue equipment.