JNIA Facts

Airport Name Julius Nyerere International Airport
Identification HTDA
Code Refference 4E
Longitude *06 52 41.20S
Latitude 039 12 09.45E
Elevation (ASL) 182 FT
Reference Temperature 32.2oC
Run Way
  1. Runway 05/23 is 3000M long and 46M wide
  2. Runway 14/32 is 1000M long and 30M wide
Land Coverage 1,700 hectares
Taxiways The taxi-way system includes the following:
  1. A parallel taxi-way 30 metres wide designated P.
  2. Link taxiways 30 metres wide marked Q , W , Y & Z
  3. Holding bays at every intersection to the runway. 
  4. Loop taxi-ways at both ends of the runways 
Passenger Apron

The passenger apron is constituted of concrete bays at the parking lots of the aircraft. The other surrounding area is in asphalt between the concrete bays and the airside road in front of the terminal building II. The capacity offered by the current apron configuration is:

  1. International Parking E1, E2 and E3
  2. Domestic Parking D1 and D2
  3. Remote Parking 9 Bays 
Terminal Building

There are two terminal buildings


  1. Reinforce concrete structure
  2. L-Shaped with finger boarding gates layout.


  1. Public concourse
  2. International departure lounge
  3. International arrival lounge
  4. Domestic departures and arrivals lounges
  1. Control tower
  2. Fire Station
    • ICAO category 9
    • Number Vehicles 4
    • CFT 1&2 @ 10000/1200L
    • CFT 2&4 @ 6500/650L 
    • water reservoir tank 100,000L with an Independent pump
    • Operations 24hrs (three shifts on /one shift off)
  3. Radar Station
  4. Meteorological Observation Station
  5. Fire Station CAT 9
  6. Cargo and Freight Terminal
  7. Maintenance Hangers
  8. Fuel Farm
  9. In-flight Kitchen
  10. Ambulance: 1
  11. Duty Free Shops, Restaurants and Lounges
Services Provided
  1. Airport Management and Maintenance
  2. Airport Security
  3. Fire, Crash and Rescue Services
  4. Common user engineering services, airfield lighting, roads, power, lighting, water and sewage  
Aviation Related Services
  1. Civil Aviation Training Center
  2. Flying Schools
  3. Aircraft Maintenance Facilities  

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